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Manifesto of the Alliance

As a leader in the information industry, contact software actively advocates and promotes cooperation with software industry, Internet companies and systems, and cooperation between technology providers and service providers to jointly promote the development of enterprise informatization in China. Technology innovation and mode innovation make contact software always maintain the leading position in the industry, and create value for partners and customers with continuous enterprising spirit and professional ability.

we would like to share the technical ability with you sincerely, share the advantages of the contact software, and jointly realize the development of the profit region. The contact software is the partner of your development, and we look forward to paying attention to the development of the enterprise information industry and the new era of the rise of the mobile Internet.

In accordance with the principle of integrity, cooperation and win-win, contact software developed by the contact software of enterprise communication and synergistic platform - - contact RTC, facing the National Recruitment partners. Contact software sincerely welcome you to join!

application process

first of all, thank you very much for your attention to our partner plan and the desire to cooperate with each other. Before filling in the application form, please be sure that you have carefully read our website and some information about us, and know our products, development strategies and cooperation plans. We hope that before further communication, you have a clearer plan of your own to make our next communication efficient.

  • Partner application formGet your partner application form
    I hope you will be as detailed as possible when you fill in.
  • Cooperation agreement signedWe will see specific cooperation and sign a corresponding agreement to clarify the objectives, rights and obligations of the two parties, and the planning of cooperation.
  • Partner evaluationWe will have a special working group to connect with your company
    Make further communication with your company
  • Formal cooperationContact partner interface software available to help, assist the integration of its own products, and to promote sales and service business; full support for business and technology partners in the documentary, playing a single process will get contact software; full technical service partner get contact software in project development and implementation process support.
We have a sincere and serious attitude to each partner's application, and when we need more time to communicate with you, please give support. Because the quality of the partnership is very important to each other. After receiving your application form, we will contact you within two working days. Thank you again for your support, if any of our partner program, welcome by contact us

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