organizational structure/

Taking organizational structure as the core, tree form, real-time interactive address book, integration into enterprise and department culture, new and old employees can quickly integrate into teams and cooperate efficiently. Strict organization role and authority management to ensure effective improvement of management performance. A clear tree structure enables every employee to quickly integrate into the enterprise, and can cooperate well without knowing each other.
Update the electronic address book in real time, check the phone, cell phone, and QQ on the electronic card.

Communication and communication/

Business activities, only focus and efficiency, can ensure the efficient operation of the team. Touch points advocate "communication, only for work", through continuous scientific and technological innovation, to meet the professional and comprehensive needs of business communication for business communication. RTC integration: online status, instant messaging, SMS, phone, QQ, voice / video, file transmission, groups, and so on. Let communication, easier!

Online Service/

It can be easily integrated into your company's website, so that your website visitors can chat on a chat website, your service staff, operators can handle multiple calls at the same time. Customers can consult the information and price of products or services through the company website. This way greatly shortens the distance from customers, and can effectively transform traffic into sales volume. Unlike other online customer service systems, RTC provides a complete set of programs for building independent service systems. It not only can solve the communication problems inside the company, but also can communicate with our salesmen and technical support personnel through the Web version which is embedded in the web page, and solve all the problems.

Website customer service system, using Flash technology, its characteristics are as follows:
  • No client programs need to be installed.
  • The only employee computer on the market can still communicate with web clients in real time when they can't go to the Internet.
  • Using Flash technology, real time communication can be realized.
  • The function module is html+js, the program is open source, can be modified freely, if we need to modify the company, the additional charge.

Fast file/

Although my colleague sits on the opposite side, I'm still in trouble to pass a document to him. Is there a quicker way? Touch points provide a variety of ways to make the transfer file so simple that a click or a drag and drop can easily pass the file. Do not care about the size, even if it is the 1G file, fly the general feeling, touch the file quick hair function, the industrious laziness ultimate choice.

RTC cloud/

RTC cloud break through the traditional concept, and the contact point RTC is a highly integrated, based on instant messaging technology on the document management system, using a revolutionary high performance server, independent complex application, simple expression, the classic "Explorer" mode of the document for information management, with extreme ease. C/S structure, support the Internet, suitable for high load, suitable for foreign cooperation. More importantly, the ease of use of RTC cloud document management allows all staff to "lose their hands".

Online documents/

The file in the business system, when the user needs to access, provides the file editing service to call the online editing service platform. The online editing service platform downloads the relevant documents from the file storage service, then displays the online editing page, and then saves the files back to the file storage service after the online editing is completed.

Open platform/

RTC is not just an instant messaging software, RTC is an open platform, and it's a portal for enterprise applications. RTC provides a complete set of development interfaces (SDK) for enterprise applications such as ERP, OA and other programs. RTC is the adhesive for enterprise applications.