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RTC for you to createan enterpriseinstant messaging platform

RTC uses cloud computing and Internet technology to gather functions of mail system, video conference, electronic whiteboard, instant conversation and so on, and RTC can also synchronize information with PC terminals. Not only that, the mobile terminal of RTC supports Android and IOS two mobile phone systems, breaking the obstacles of space and media, and truly realizing cross platform Office.

RTC integration of instant messaging, SMS, email, voice and video, file transfer, group and other means of communication, to communicate with the enterprise management as the core, on the basis of business collaboration for the application, "at any time, anywhere, carry on" communication "manageable, controllable," management ". The application of a one-stop, full range".

RTC provides an organization architecture as a design basis, a member - centered, and a development interface in the form of a plug-in. While completing the communication between enterprises, it can serve as a basic platform for the third party management system, such as OA, CRM and other business systems, so as to realize one-stop management and control platform.

Large concurrent access supportHigh performance cluster design architecture, distributed deployment scheme, can support up to 1 million online users in real time communication
  • To be entertaining and to control information securityQQ/WeChat "general public", "discipline" of the management problems, the establishment of information boundary
  • Stable and sustained product upgradingConstantly adapt to market demand and keep ahead
  • Mature system integrationInstant messaging is not an isolated existence, and it needs to be integrated seamlessly with systems such as OA, business systems, SMS, video conferencing, and so on
  • Efficient1 million level large concurrent support, GB level large file transmission support, high definition voice and video communication

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